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Bookkeeping Services Hervey Bay

Servicing Hervey Bay Area

My focus is on practical administrative bookkeeping with Myob software at efficient rates for small to mid-sized businesses.

My clientele range from beauty salons to Cleaning companies and other industries.

As a


i have  the most complete and highest value service possible for my clients.

I remain professional in all relationships with my clients, with my contractors, with my suppliers and all dealings with the ATO.

I do what I say I will do. If I make a commitment, I complete the job. I strive for efficiency in all areas of our business.

I seek ways to provide complete support for my clients in their needs. I am thorough, seeking accuracy.

I strive for timely responses to all commitments this translates into true value for my clients, although I am independent I have the attitude that I really work for my clients.


Bookkeeping Bec Accounts Payable
Bookkeeping Bec Accounts Receivable
Bookkeeping Bec Process Payroll & BAS
Process Payroll & BAS

Receive and tally timekeeping records for hourly employees.
Produce paychecks for review, signature, and distribution.
Prepare employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and
year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments.
Process direct deposits for employees.
Prepare payroll tax deposits paying attention to strict due dates.
Respond to employee verification requests.
Manage relationships with garnishment.
workers compensation and third-party administrators.
Process and submit garnishment payments.
Respond to employee payroll inquiries.
Prepare, file, and produce payment for all payroll taxes.
Analyze and prepare employee payroll deductions and others as needed.
Processing and lodging BAS and dealings with the ATO

Accounts Receivable

Input invoice detail from source documents.
Interpret contracts.
Coordinate with client and generate invoices for customers.
Create and maintain customer information files.
Input customer payment information.
Communicate credit policies.
Perform pre-collection communications.
Prepare, produce, and monitor customer open invoice reports.
Coordinate with customers on balances due.
Coordinate with customers seeking resolution on disputed items.
Reconcile and verify credit card deposits.

Accounts Payable

Classify invoices into the proper general ledger accounts.
Seek client approval for payments to be made to vendors.
Prepare and produce vendor open invoice reports.
Create and maintain vendor information files.
Coordinate with vendors on balances due
Coordinate with vendors seeking resolution on disputed items.
Meet due dates on all vendor invoices.
Process check printing and distribution.
Process online payments.



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